Glow Paint?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by nxtbgctch, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. nxtbgctch

    nxtbgctch Senior Member

    Anybody have a lead on good glow paint for lures or jigs? I was a little surpised to see how much some of my "glow jigs" didnt glow in a dark room today after being set in the sun. Huge difference between brands. Wouldnt mind adding some of my own paint if I knew what to use. Thanks!

    JMDOUG Senior Member

    U can check at a hobbie shop or maybe basspro
  3. Swimbait

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    Michaels has some good glow in the dark spray paint. I make my own jigs and jig heads so I have a fluid bed and a few different glow powders. I have hot pink, white and fluorescent orange in glow. CSI powder paints sells the glows in powder.

    GARRIGA Senior Member

  5. lite-liner

    lite-liner distinguished membrane

    Krylon "glowz" is awesome. dries fast,
    & glows like crazy!!!!!
    available @ hobby lobby here in Tx, but I'd bet just about anywhere
  6. nxtbgctch

    nxtbgctch Senior Member

    Thanks. I'm gonna try both the krylon and Glow Inc paint and will report back in a couple weeks. Maybe now my "glow" jigs will actually glow. Gonna try them around the oil rigs for grouper in 300-500ft and for night tuna at the floaters.
  7. MikeF

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    ditto; that's what I use.