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    For sale NIB ABU REVO TORO 61. New and never had line on it. Left hand retrieve. 5.4:1 gear ratio. Comes with all the original stuff; box, papers, oil and both the double paddle handle and power handle. Price $195.00 includes shipping to COUSA. Payment by paypal and I pay fees. No trades. Thanks.

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  2. fishermanunh

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    have you cast one of the revo toro reels?
    do you know about how much 30 or 40 lb. braid it would hold?
    how much drag does it have?
  3. ifly

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    I have never casted a toro. My reel never had line on it so I haven't got the chance to cast it. The reel is low profile and comes with synchronized levelwind which are supposed to aid in palming and casting. Everything seems solid. The reel holds 250yds/14# mono. I think a lot of guys will use the reel with braid, but I'm not sure how much the reel will hold. Advertised by Abu to have 22# drag. Here is a website review of the toro 50. The toro 60 and 61 are the same except larger.

    Abu Garcia Revo Toro
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    I got this reel Revo HS 61. Very nice and smooth. Spool can hold 60lb braided 280 meters. Good for light jigging as well.
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    Thanks for your information. Did you mean 60lb braided 280 yds? Or, according to my poor math, 280 meters is about 306 yds. Sounds like you enjoy your reel.