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Chunking @ night with glow sticks??

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by dejavu000, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. dejavu000

    dejavu000 Senior Member

    Does chunking at night with like a 4" glow stick work for yellowfin tuna? :confused:
  2. dingoatemebaby

    dingoatemebaby Senior Member

    caught tuna on our sword rigs in the canyons before, not on chunks but live squid, can't hurt to try!?

  3. BigBass13

    BigBass13 Junior member

    Sometimes on the deep chunk bait, that is hanging from a ballon at a certain depth, we put a glow stick on the line. We get the most hits on the cut bait, with the hook hidden inside it, hand feeding it out so it floats out with the chunks we chum with. If it doesn't get hit we bring it back in and start the procedure over again. So we have 3 baits at different depths under balloons. one glow stick Then one or 2 hand feeding lines out with the chunk chum and usually one deep bait trying to get a Swordy with a glow stick or flashing light on the line above the leader Good luck out there

  4. dejavu000

    dejavu000 Senior Member

    will any regular glow stick work and how about the color? Green usually is the best color for inshore, but how about offshore? I seen some fishing power glow sticks and wonder what the difference is. Also how close to the bait should the glow stick be? Sorry for all the questions...

    Fishing glow stick link:
    50 POWDER NIGHT FISHING GLOW LIGHT STICK 4.5mm x 39mm - eBay (item 140515583779 end time Mar-23-11 18:36:59 PDT)

    4" blue glow stick:
    50 4" BLUE GLOW LIGHT STICKS LIGHTSTICKS GLOWSTICKS - eBay (item 330534064622 end time Mar-24-11 07:40:34 PDT)